Biologik – Break Me Down

Biologik Drop Me Down

Biologik has been a busy and increasingly popular producer in recent months. With an impressive body of work already under his belt for Armada, Olaris and, most recently with the release of his beautifully melancholic track, “Autumn” for OLD SQL, Biologik has been a long-time contributor to the Proton and Particles labels. As a founding father of the Proton Radio concept, he has also been responsible for some of the best genre-breaking work and innovative sound design to be found on the Proton imprints, including the sublime “Winter Particles” track, “Sarin” which recently saw high profile remixes from Nigel Good and Color Ray. Not content with confining his talent to the studio, Biologik is also set to showcase his skills and love of technology with a ‘live hardware set’ in Toronto in December 2012. Now, as Proton Music readies itself for the release of Biologik’s debut album “One Month”, the first single from the album “Break Me Down” is released with a high-calibre remix from Irishman, Silinder and paves the way for the impressive body of work to follow. Biologik’s original is a masterful combination of tribal based rhythms, haunting vocal breaths and phrases and an intricate arpeggiated lead line that weaves an elaborately filtered path over the melodic landscape. All these individual elements meld together to form a tightly coherent song structure that begs for repeated listens. In September 2012, Irishman Gavin Mulhall, better known under his production guise Silinder, released his concept EP, “Corrupt” on Proton. With an acute awareness of the financial turmoil and polar opposites of greed and poverty in his homeland, Silinder went on to demonstrate a rare ability to represent these themes in his music. With over 100 track production credits for an impressive array of labels including, Baroque, Stripped Digital, and Perspectives, and following his breath-taking Proton debut EP, it is not hard to understand why Gavin has been signed to the Proton roster for 2013. In anticipation of his future work, Proton is delighted to have Silinder on board to remix Biologik’s “Break Me Down. His remix is bursting with elements that characterise his sound, as the low-slung rhythms and grooves build a strong foundation for hypnotic melodies to forge a deep and inspiring bond as they wend their way across proceedings. This is the mark of a producer at the top of his game where no element is superfluous. With Biologik and Silinder creating effortless works of ingenuity, both are sure to continue ‘breaking down’ musical barriers.

Directed by Jay Epoch

Designed by Royal Sapien

Mastered by Cid Inc.

Text by James Warren

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