Ferdy – Home Coming Pole Folder & Weepee Remixes



Ferdy’s “Home Coming” first appeared as part of the “Spaceman” EP on Particles in April of this year. With support from the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Jaytech, Nick Stoynoff and James Warren for his music, and tracks signed to the likes of Eelke Kleijn’s Outside The Box, Armin Van Buuren’s Armada and Nick Warren’s Hope, it is no surprise that this Dutch self-confessed “Music lover, sports freak and DJ” now receives two high profile remix treatments for Particles. Pole Folder has been a familiar recurring name in the world of progressive house over the past decade with a career studded in highlights. Based in Brussles, he shot to the forefront of EDM after releasing his debut artist album “Zero Gold” on Bedrock, commissioned by John Digweed with a body of work timeless in its execution. His music has been signed to a plethora of top labels, including Global Underground, Renaissance and Proton, and also used on US TV shows “Nip/Tuck” and “CSI”. Pole Folder launched his own label “Reworck” in 2010 with heavyweight releases from Ryan Davis and Amine Edge. For his remix of Ferdy, Pole Folder delivers a delightful collage of mechanical beats, vocal fx and a deep hypnotic bass line which build seamlessly towards a climax that hints of tension as the layers build. A pure master class in the stripped back “less is definitely more” mould. Hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania, Valdas Weepee has made a big impact since 2010 with releases on Fruit Machine, Lowbit, his own white2black label and a regular contributor to Particles with both original productions and remixes. Weepee also hosts “The Facts” show on Proton Radio. Renowned for his unique brand of sophisticated progressive house, full of driving beats and sublime melody, Weepee delivers a trademark sound with intricate bass filled groove which builds to include a subtle blend of emotive melodies weaving their way across the rhythmic layers. With Pole Folder and Weepee taking the reins, Ferdy has certainly seen a royal “Home Coming”.

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