Rates & Order

I’m away from the studio between 8th – 14th of February.

Any mastering orders made from Tuesday 3rd of February and on wards will get done in placed order once I’m back in the studio on after 14th of February.

Any inqueries via email or the contact form will be replied to as soon as possible mean while.

Payments prefered via Paypal. In cases where the use of paypal is not possible Bank Transfers can be used. Get in touch for banking details.
1 Song35€
2 Songs65€
3 Songs90€
4 Songs115€
5 Songs130€
6 songs or moreGet in Touch.
Number of Songs
Label / Artist deal
20eur / track If there's a need for frequent masterings every month. Get in touch.
Stem MasteringMixing Service
Up to 8 stems 50€ / track 120€ incl. mastering
Number Of Songs
Number Of Songs