" I have been working with Henri (Cid Inc Mastering) for all of Tronic's releases as well as all of my own productions and am VERY happy with his work! I have worked with many of the top mastering houses (Exchange, Masterpiece etc.) and can assure you that Henri is one of the best when it comes to house and techno music. "

Christian Smith Designation
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" Loving Henri's touch on the tracks , always get the details out there and alwasy sounds good in the club, I'm happy to have him doing mastering for my label "Lost & Found "

Guy J Designation
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" Perfect mastering for Sudbeat stuff "

Hernan Cattaneo Designation
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" Henri has been mastering all of my tracks and our Hope Recordings releases. He does a fantastic job, on time, and will always do his best if we need anything last minute. My Mrs is also very pleased that I have another Fin working with me 🙂 "

NIck Warren Designation
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" We have found CID INC to be a very reliable and timely service,for Octopus Recordings and the Black label,Henri constantly delivers the highest standard masters around. "

Sian Octopus Records
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We have been working with Cid Inc for mastering for UV and our other FSOE labels for a while now. He always turns the master around quickly but most importantly, they are perfect every time. A pleasure to work with!

Paul Thomas Future Sound Of Egypt
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Stereo mastering

stem mastering





  • 1979
  • 2pole
  • Aitor Ronda
  • Alex O'Rion
  • Alex Stein
  • Andrea Bertolini
  • Andre Sobota
  • Andre Winter
  • Andres Campo
  • Barry Jamieson
  • Bastian Bux
  • Ben Coda
  • Benedetto & Farina
  • Boris
  • Brian Cid
  • Budakid
  • Cj Bolland
  • Charlie May
  • Chris Fortier
  • Christian Smith
  • C-Jay
  • Clarian
  • Cornucopia
  • Coyu
  • Darin Epsilon
  • DAVI
  • David Granha
  • DJ Anna
  • Dmitry Molosh
  • D-Nox
  • D-Unity
  • Dosem
  • Dousk
  • Djuma Soundsystem
  • Drunken Kong
  • Einmusik
  • Eli Nissan
  • Emmanuel Top
  • Estroe
  • Facundo Mohrr
  • Fiord
  • Gai Barone
  • Guy Mantzur
  • Hernan Cattaneo
  • Hidden Empire
  • Hollen
  • Ian O'Donovan
  • Jamie Stevens
  • Jens Lissat
  • Jimmy Van M
  • Joel Armstrong
  • Jonas Salbach
  • Jos & Eli
  • Juan Deminicis
  • Kamilo Sanclemente
  • Kaiser Souzai
  • Kasper Koman
  • Ken Ishii
  • Lemon 8
  • Lilly Palmer
  • Loco & Jam
  • Luca Agnelli
  • Magitman
  • Maksim Dark
  • Mario Ochoa
  • Martin Garcia
  • Max Cooper
  • Mladen Tomic
  • Meat Katie
  • Metodi Hristov
  • Microtrauma
  • Mononoid
  • Moonbeam
  • Nanoplex
  • Nick Muir
  • Nick Warren
  • OC & Verde
  • Oliver Huntemann
  • Olivier Weiter
  • Orsen
  • Paul Hazendonk
  • Pig & Dan 
  • Pole Folder
  • Rafael Cerato
  • Ramon Tapia
  • Reinier Zonneveld
  • Renato Cohen
  • Rob Hes
  • Ronnie Spiteri
  • Ryan Davis
  • Sahar Z
  • Sian 
  • Sinisa Tamamovic
  • Soundexile
  • Stefano Noferini
  • Tim Richards
  • TiNi TuN
  • Timo Maas
  • Tom Glass
  • Vinicius Honorio
  • Will Clarke




  • 24 bit wav/aiff files with a samplerate of 44.1khz or higher.
  • Atleast -3 db headroom. No mastering plugins (limiters, compressors etc) on the master channel! If you want to have plugins on the master channel to show what you're after, then send 2 versions of the file, one with and one without.
  • Please name the tracks properly (Artist, track name, mix) to avoid any confusion!
  • Once the payment is done the files can be sent with uploading sites such as wetransfer.com , sendspace.com or similar to contact@cidincmastering.com.
  • Once the mastering is done (Turn around time is usually 4 - 5 days) , you'll be able to download the mastered file/s from a private ftp, alternatively a link sent to you through previously mentioned upload sites. If you for some reason aren't happy with the master/s, revisions will be done until satisfaction is achieved
  • If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.


  • 24 bit wav/aiff files with a samplerate of 44.1khz or higher.
  • Up to 8 Stems. Kick, Bassline, snare or clap as separate files, rest grouped in stems for example Percussions & hihats, Synth sounds, Sound FX, Vocals etc.


  • Preferably 24 bit wav/aiff files with a samplerate of 44.1khz or higher.
  • Any creative processing can be kept on the channels (compression, reverbs, EQs, modulations etc)
  • Any possible send/bus effects used should be bounced/mixed down as separate channels
  • Please mention If you're looking for a specific sound when it comes to the mix down. Include a reference track if needed.
  • Turn around time for mixing service including mastering is 6-7 days.


Payments prefered via Paypal. In cases where the use of paypal is not possible Bank Transfers can be used. Get in touch for banking details.


  • 1 Song 35.00€ - 30% = 24.50€
  • 2 Songs 65.00€ - 30% = 45.50€
  • 3 Songs 90.00€ - 30% = 63.00€
  • 4 Songs 110.00€ - 30% = 77,50€
  • 5 Songs 125.00€ - 30% = 87.50€
  • 6 Songs or more please get in touch.


  • Up to 8 Grouped Stems 50.00€ - 30% = 35.00€


  • Unlimited Stems 120.00€ - 30% = 84.00€

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Cid Inc

Mastering Engineer

A renowned name in the electronic music scene, over 20 years of experience in audio engineering, mastering and mixing. Cid Inc has worked with many of the leading artists, producers and labels in the Dance/Club industry including Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J,  Christian Smith, Wehbba, Dj Anna, Jimmy Van M,  Barry Jamieson, Uto Karem, Sian, Jens Lissat,  Guy Mantzur, Reinier Zonneveld, Pig & Dan, Nick Muir, Einmusik + many others.